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Quality and process reliability

The requirements for quality, process reliability and traceability are constantly increasing, especially in highly regulated industries. They are also important prerequisites for digitizing production. Discover here solutions around these topics.

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Example laser cut parts: left before processing - right: processed

Surface treatment of laser cut parts

Laser-cut parts are used in many industries (e.g. automotive, electrical and optical industries, jewellery). After production, one question always…

20 years in medical engineering, specialist for precision parts Ralf Merz

Unsurpassed price-performance ratio

The top priority of any joint implant is to restore mobility and ensure longevity. Ralf Merz, a specialist for precision parts, relies on the…

The electrodes are also manufactured on the HAAS VF2-SS.

Tailor-made hearing aids thanks to VF-2SS from HAAS

GAES, a manufacturer of hearing aids, is always working to make them smaller, more discreet and more powerful. By investing in a VF-2SS CNC machining…

Digital Microscope VHX-6000 Series

Analysis of metal polymer bearings

As the world's leading supplier of plain bearings, GGB strives to provide its customers with the best solutions. By investing in a digital…

The rocker arm for a Jacobs Vehicle Systems engine brake is marked with a traceability code.

Automated validation saves 45 seconds per part

FOBA provides marking solutions to make components traceable throughout the entire production process. This means a significant improvement in…

a convinced team at Medartis

Boost productivity with the Liquid Tool

Medartis AG is a global manufacturer in the field of medical technology. After changing over to Blaser’s B-Cool 755 metalworking fluid, the company…

The HandySCAN 3D helps the company’s engineering and design teams at SCOTT Sports

SCOTT Sports: Competitive advantage through 3D measurements

“While developing our products could be possible without the HandySCAN 3D, we’ve gained so much time, accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency since…

Thread whirler GWi 5000, with internal coolant and patented cutting geometry

A complete series with perfect thread quality

A manufacturer in the medical sector had high demands on the thread quality for its products. DC Swiss offered him a solution with maximum process…

In some areas as much as 0.5 mm of the material of the blank is abraded.

Midwife for precision watches

Production of the watch plate brings to birth a craft-produced ‘calibre’ – this is the watchmaker’s term for the centrepiece of an ultra-precise,…

During circumferential milling with powRgrip made of highly heat-resistant nickel-based alloys.

Stable conditions with powRgrip

Discover why Franke Industrie AG, a worldwide player in the aerospace and power generation industry, ditched shrink-fit and switched to powRgrip to…

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